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ekphrasis son(s) émotions explorations 

an exploration of deconstruction meant to keep track of the many metamorphosis identity is made of 

why I'm here 

because I needed a space where to follow my ideas and lay down my thoughts. A space to deposit what I would call (such a cliché) my personal journey. I see this blog as a geological stratification showing that will allow me to keep track of and observe the process of deciding and building who I am. 

I will share images, texts, music (sounds?), and any other form of self-expression that I am using to disidentify myself from the identity society gave me. I will also share personal creations, either completely original or stemming from someone else's creations.

It is a very personal blog, not only in that it is a space where I expose myself, making myself completely vulnerable but also because I see it as a very intimate and personal journal.

Why do a blog then? Because I do feel the urge to make this personal journey of mine somehow public. It might be sheer narcissism (j'assume) but, mostly, I feel the need to try to get to someone who is not me, to find a point of connection, to make myself resonate with someone else. 

Corda e cuore hanno la stessa radice etimologica: il mio cuore può entrare in accordo con altri cuori, più corde possono vibrare insieme e creare armonie. Due nuclei possono entrare in collissione e creare un ritmo.

I make myself vulnerable in the hope that harmonic polyrhythms. 

It is a trans-linguistic space of experimentation. 

It is also a trans-medium space of creation. 

It is my attempt to disidentify myself, to reject the desires through which I was built and that have been taught me. 

C'est un moi qui se déconstruit et construit au même temps. O almeno ci prova. 

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